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Need to Augment Your Existing Teams? We’ve Got You Covered

Customers who augment their teams with ValueStreamSourcing during their SAFe training and new ART launch achieve higher program predictability and higher customer value.

Need to Plug In Entire New Teams? We’ve Got That Covered Too

Our highly integrated Agile teams include Product and Scrum masters so that our clients have dynamic and highly engaged engineering, scrum master and product/business analyst talent that will model team and technical agility to support your solution and program trains.

Unblock Value

Measure and monetize your SAFe adoption and execution

First ART Program Predictability

VSS Teams


Non-VSS Teams


Improve results after only 1 PI

Our clients see immediate results. Customers who augment their teams with ValueStreamSourcing during their SAFe training and new ART launch achieve higher program predictability and customer value.

Resources you can depend on

Whether our team members are onshore or offshore, they model the best behaviors of strong agile teams. We recruit talent from top engineering universities. All employees earn SAFe certifications and receive continuous agile coaching. Don’t expect passive order-takers; our teams are agile and it shows.

  • Strong sense of ownership
  • Surface issues for resolution
  • Talented software engineers, many with advanced degrees
  • SAFe certified
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Friendly and energetic
  • Ask questions
  • In pursuit of continuous improvement
  • Facilitate agile meetings and teams

End-to-End Value Stream Sourcing

Model-driven Assessment

Understanding your organization’s strategy and vision; measuring how your organization’s specific issues impact value

Agile Tooling and Analytics

Proven tooling and analytics so that you have quick access to actionable data

Agile Advisory, Training, and Transformation

Training courses, workshops, and guidance to refresh your organization’s use of agile or enable a full transformation

SAFe Certified Teams and Resources

Experienced engineers, scrum masters, product owners, and business analysts: augment your existing teams with SAFe certified talent

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What exactly is ValueStreamSourcingTM?

ValueStreamSourcingTM – global talent sourcing with SAFe certification enables Agile enterprise and SAFe transformation with seamless integration into your value stream.

We Help Enterprises Set A New Strategic Course

Whether your company is large or small, you know that today it’s not enough to have a great strategy, innovative ideas or a great product. With the accelerating pace of disruption and fierce competition for talent and customers, you must have the agility to change course rapidly and execute on strategy. We help executives leverage market disruption to their advantage, through innovation enablement and promoting a culture that attracts, engages and aligns top talent.

Why SAFe®?

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) values business and practitioner outcomes over ideology, theory, framework, practice, or method. SAFe helps enterprises substantially increase productivity (30-50%), quality (30-50%), time-to-market (3-4 times faster), and employee engagement as exhibited by documented and reference-able case studies.

Getting Your Agile Framework Into Shape

It requires that leadership and teams set an intention and follow through. Not just for a month, a quarter or even a half-year, but for the life of the business. There must be an organizational lifestyle change. Clear priorities from leadership, a sense of ownership and well understood Lean Agile roles and responsibilities are what it takes to get an Agile framework in shape and keep it that way.

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