Is there a means to consolidate all media measurement and at the same time increase the value of the measurement to both the Advertisers and the Consumers?

Single currency in the Ad industry

Smart TV data – using ACR (automated content recognition) technology – Remember this.

It is all about networks, platforms, brands, MVPD, ad agencies willing to agree to a single currency that everyone can transact off of or is it?

Smart TV’s are internet connected Enabling cross-device matching and easy extensions of TV (linear) campaigns to the digital world. A company iSpot tracks viewership across 70 million out of 120 million smart tv’s using ACR data provided by Vizio. That is over 50% of all TV’s in the US. We are quickly reaching a tipping point where the majority of TV’s in US homes will be Smart let alone all the non-linear delivery and social too.

This Tech will know if the customer is viewing on a set top box, linear tv, connected devices, SVOD, DVR, or even over the AIR – a whole new dynamic…. companies need to look at iSpot and Liveramp and to what extent they can show results across networks and platform real-time or time shifted. We need to determine not how an audience index’s against a show but how an individual with many different needs index’s so much more valuable to an advertiser.

Granular data VS privacy laws

Based on the proliferation of smart TV’s and the metrics that can be measured from these devices as outlined above, we will be able to get very granular data. The big question is to what extent this information will be available based on privacy laws. If the consumer agrees to share this information what do they get in return? If they do the value of the information would be so much higher that what is extrapolated from current media viewing metrics. This may be the only way to continue to garner the revenue that is being lost daily on linear TV daily (other than live sports) to a shift to non-linear viewing.

The question is could this move the Ad industry to a single currency and what will consumers be willing to trade for this information.

Instead of conclusions

Next steps should be education and more information on ACR, the benefits and the value to all involved. In addition the Ad Industry and the Media industry need to address the privacy concerns of consumers and find a middle ground for the use of this technology.

By Cyril Simone, Dressler Consulting, Media and Entertainment Division

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