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We offer the full spectrum of IT services and align them with your business objectives. Using most reliable technologies and tools, we help you to meet and exceed the goals.

Linux/Unix Application Development

Unix based systems have been gaining huge traction throughout the IT industry for almost two decades, with growing popularity of Linux, these operating systems acquired tremendous development ecosystem.

Cloud / Cluster Applications

Growing trend of Software As a Service and high-performance computing refines the way software is written, businesses need the flexibility of cloud-deployed applications, as they scale their workloads.

Advanced Analytics

Our highly skilled team helps you develop strategies that turn your data assets into a true competitive advantage. Plan strategies and campaigns further in advance with more confidence and precision.

Distributed Systems Development

A distributed model for software development is leveraged by organizations for ongoing capacity needs, to improve operational efficiency, reliability, and transparency.

SDN Solutions Development

Software-defined networking has been evolving to redefine network products. SDN applications utilize off the shelf hardware and migrate network functions to software, as a result offering flexibility and convenience of cloud services.

Telecom Application Development

Telecommunications continues being a critical part of a digital era. Mobile platforms and the vast majority of devices connected to internet fuels innovation in telecom infrastructure and applications development

Internet of Things

IoT is transforming our world, providing smart solutions across different industries. Connected devices will empower everyday computing, with big data gathering and automated decision-making.

Embedded Systems Development

Embedded systems market has been growing rapidly, fueled by automation in industries such as Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics etc. becoming an integral part of almost every computing system.

Data Services

Transform your data into a trusted, quality resource for business insights – and use it to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe, secure and reliable.

Trusted by experts in their fields

“Dressler Consulting isn’t a typical technology solutions provider. They align themselves with our own needs and go above and beyond to ensure our business goals are met, and for this reason are like an extension of our internal team. This creates an atmosphere of trust and respect which drives our business mission and culture.”

JANET KASDANChief Technology Officer, Lextegrity

“Dressler Consulting has been a terrific partner for us to expand our data warehousing capabilities. They were able to understand and appreciate our business and our needs, and deliver a solution that was not only good, but *appropriate*. They are big enough to be robust and small enough to be personalized in their approach. I would highly recommend Dressler Consulting if your needs are anything like ours were.”

DAVID YAKIMISCHAKChief Technology Officer, Connective RX

“They clearly understand that time is crucial in our business and the team is 100% focused on the needs of our project. Their services have been prompt, professional, and proactive in approach. We’ve had a great experience with the Dressler Consulting team since day one”

SEÁN O'DONOGHUEChief Operating Officer, Trōv

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