Every client has

a story

We are proud to work closely with a diverse range of customers from different regions across the Healthcare sector, Energy industry, Insurance sector, Pharmaceutical area, Media and Telecommunications.


Our client provides broadband internet service through solely owned FTTH fiber optic network across Georgia, which serves as the major regional backbone. Project’s challenges were to deliver high quality IPTV service with VoD features and keep deployment cost to minimum, in order to easily reach economies of scale and offer competitive price and to develop scalable solution, which would be sufficient for increased customer base and handle nationwide traffic loads.

Our Solutions
  • The company’s attempt was to gain a larger market share by providing cheaper services, provided product should have been much better with quality compared to competitors.
  • With the aim of meeting business and smart development challenges, developed cost-effective solution meant that it could efficiently deploy on low-end hardware, in our case amounted – $100,000. Transcoder module can be setup on low-cost Intel Xeon E3 series based servers and streaming module can be setup to use mid range SATA hard drives.
  • The perks of our developed solution are represented in multiple modules that can be deployed as the whole system or integrated into existing system separately.

Connective Rx

ConnectiveRx is a leading technology-enabled life science services company that simplifies how patients get on and stay on drug therapies. ConnectiveRx is also home to the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR), a trusted brand with a 70-year history of delivering medication information to healthcare professionals nationally.

Our Solutions
  • A cost effective cloud based solution that leverages Amazon Redshift data warehousing
  • Implementation of processes/flows to transform, structure and load data for key Messaging and Affordability data sets from external and internal ConnectiveRx data sources
  • Consistent de-identification of PHI across lines of business
  • EDW data load Audit to monitor EDW operations and capture status on data flow process
  • Fix data inconsistency according to pre-defined cleansing rules

"Dressler Consulting has been a terrific partner for us to expand our data warehousing capabilities. They were able to understand and appreciate our business and our needs, and deliver a solution that was not only good, but *appropriate*. They are big enough to be robust and small enough to be personalized in their approach. I would highly recommend Dressler Consulting if your needs are anything like ours were."

David Yakimischak
Chief Technology Officer

“They clearly understand that time is crucial in our business and the team is 100% focused on the needs of our project. Their services have been prompt, professional, and proactive in approach. We’ve had a great experience with the Dressler Consulting team since day one”

Chief Operating Officer, Trov


Trōv is reinventing insurance for the mobile generation by making it simple, flexible and transparent. With the introduction of the world’s first on-demand insurance platform for single items, Trōv gives people the power to insure just what they want, exactly when they want, entirely from their mobile device. The Trōv app also helps people easily organize important information about the things they own and back it up to the cloud, so it’s accessible when needed.

Our Solutions
  • Full-cycle development solutions for the client
  • The system is designed in such a way that all the necessary part of it can be customized for the client’s needs
  • The functionality was expanded through the addition of new modules
  • The Submission module provides the ability to record all the information about an incident,
  • The Claim module stores and displays the claim files sent back from the claims administrator.
  • The Incident, Billing and Lost & Found modules are custom designed to handle the needs of each tenant