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Media Dev & Data Capabilities

Software Development
DevOps & SRE Support
Data Science & Analytics
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Media & Entertainment

Top Areas:

Direct to Consumer Initiatives
  • OTT & SVOD Platforms
  • Data Driven Personalization
  • Sell cross all business units to the consumer
  • Programmatic/Indexed Ad/sales more focused customer profile
Cloud based warehousing for transactional system consolidation for analytics and data science
  • Linear & Non-Linear and Social Ad/sales data
  • Analysis of theatrical & broadcast content metrics
Acquisition, Merger and Globalization Initiatives
  • AT&T – Warner Bros, HBO, Turner
  • Disney – 21st Century Fox
  • Comcast – NBC Universal
  • CBS-Viacom Merger
Three value-creation approaches for media and entertainment companies to consider are:

1. True demand-based pricing: Companies can harness data analytics to price content based on even more viewing windows that are available today. They’ll also begin to match variable pricing with consumer demographics and shopping behaviors to drive additional value for both themselves and their customers.

2. Strategic M&A: Media and entertainment companies will look for mergers and acquisitions that can help them gain negotiating leverage or strengthen distribution channels.

3. Rethink programming formats: By 2021, mobile video will drive 24 percent of all internet video traffic.6 Media companies should explore formats geared to smaller screens and shorter attention spans.

From a technology perspective, key areas to watch this year include:

4K Videos: As more and more 4K TVs enter the home, consumers may demand that every viewing experience match what they can get in their living rooms.

Autonomous Vehicles: AVs will soon emerge as powerful media-delivery devices. Passengers with time on their hands may be interested in a wide range of new viewing windows.

5G Wireless: Media companies must take advantage of this pivotal technology to maximize the power of 5G.

The growth of streaming services is driving a number of media and entertainment industry trends, including:

Emergence of vMVPD’s: Virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs) like DirectTV Now, Sling TV, and YouTube TV now hold about 20 percent of the US subscriber market.

Rise of Cord Shaving: 1 million US viewers recently replaced their multichannel subscription services3 with streamlined solutions. Nimble media companies will seize the chance to leverage this emerging demand.

Growth of Targeted Advertising: Clear pockets of data analytics & personalization innovation. Look for media & entertainment companies augmenting customer info with social media.

Increased Attention to Virtual & Targeted Advertising: These technologies will gain traction for their ability to enhance storytelling as media companies seek to differentiate their content.

Our Approach

How We Work

  • Align with corporate vision & value definition
  • Embed with teams automation is serving
  • Deliver in sprint cycle demonstrable progress
  • Learn & Pivot based on measurements & findings


  • Senior Architect (Onshore): Primary resource for the Assessment phase provides oversight for the execution team
  • Engineers (Offshore): The Execution Team

After the Pilot

Get into a consistent delivery cycle & shift left from Continuous Delivery to:

  • Continuous Monitoring & Feedback
  • Continuous Integration
    • Integration of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    • Other tooling (e.g. QA, Business, Development)
  • Coding Practices
  • Continuous Testing

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