Dealing with today’s markets and digital disruption means quickly innovating to get high-quality solutions into customers’ hands faster and more predictably. That’s why Dressler Consulting decided to go ahead of the curve and conduct a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) for Teams training for more than 60 team members in Ukraine.

Take a look inside our training room.

Two-day course has been conducted in Lviv by Brian Paniccia (Managing Partner, TecVeris, a member of the Scaled Agile Partner Network) who has led Agile transitions since 2009 and brings over 25 years of experience leading Software Development, IT Operations and Product Development teams nationally and internationally.

It has been a great experience working with the Dressler teams in Lviv Ukraine and Georgia. The talent pool and creative energy of these teams create a tremendous opportunity for companies that need to tap engineering that are Scaled Agile ready for today’s ever accelerating digital economy

Brian Paniccia, TecVeris, Managing Partner

Everybody speaks about SAFe® now as it is a greatly scalable and configurable framework for Large Solutions. It helps companies and customers to deliver new products and services on time and within the budget. With SAFe® multiple teams are aligned more effectively and there is more predictable value delivery in the development process. Many enterprises (Fortune 100 companies, Global 2000) have been adopting SAFe® lately and showing significant increase in productivity, improvements in quality, faster time-to-market and continuous success with scaling Agile.

First of all, SAFe® helps to increase development velocity and predictability. It is much easier to coordinate and supervise the development activities, to define, build, test and deploy value in short iterations. It provides a great framework to coordinate multiple teams, that’s why we want all our teams at Dressler Consulting to be SAFe® certified

Chris Dressler, Dressler Consulting, CEO

After SAFe® implementation training and certification Dressler Consulting will become one of the first companies in Ukraine and Georgia with certified SAFe® teams. A special thank you to TecVeris for coaching and providing support for this transformation. We are looking forward to seeing outstanding business benefits of applying SAFe® in our company.


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