Extending your tech power

Dressler Consulting is a technology services company providing strategic services, product delivery, advanced data, and analytic capabilities

Our leadership team is made up of technology executives with extensive experience having had leadership roles in large organizations and startups

We are directly connected to broad network of CIO’s, CTO’s and other technology leaders

We bring experience from a wide range of industries

We have first hand experience in strategy, innovation, transformation, development and operations

Strategic Services

  • Business Agility Transformation & IT Value Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Data & Analytics Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Cloud Transformation Strategy
  • Video Processing Innovation

Foundational Capabilities

  • Agile Project Management & Software Development
  • Automated QA Services, DevOps, CD/CI and Cloud Automation
  • Mobile & Web Solutions
  • Data Engineering & Business Analytics
  • System Integration
  • Security & GDPR compliance services


  • DCG Research Labs
  • Mobile & Connected Devices (IoT)
  • AI // Machine Learning // Predictive Analytics
  • AI-modelled Streaming Video Analyzer
  • SDN & Embedded System Development
  • Custom Infrastructure Development

Core Competencies


Dressler development teams are skilled in multiple programming languages and data technology platforms


We always keep up with the technology world in order to provide our clients with the best-in-class solutions


We provide a number of mid-development prototypes that customers can test on their own platforms and provide feedback on

Deep experience as industry subject manager experts

Our teams ensure less downtime and better change management for completing any project on-time and within the budget

Deep experience in a variety of database technologies

We use only cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of any technical build, launch and marketing

Experts in Cloud and Agile automation methods

Our qualified engineers deliver software solutions that solve real-world problems

We provide fully agile onshore and offshore teams to support delivery

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Delivery Teams

200+ engineers...


Fully staffed and Autonomous teams


End to end capable teams


Guided and staffed Research Labs


Locations in US, Ukraine, Poland, Georgia

From mobile solutions to data and advanced analytics services, we bring expertise to design, development and deployment the projects of any size and complexity. We are focused on business enablement through agile, process efficient and the benefits of technology.

We are committed to our customers and teammates, and value the people and their knowledge. We maintain a culture of innovation through dedication to excellence and effective integration of skills, expertise and capabilities.

Front End Technologies

Our dedicated team of Front End professionals ensures the best solutions for successful user interaction with a site or an app. We concentrate on Angular, React and Vue.js. With our comprehensive and creative approach, deep understanding of the UI/UX-design’ principles, the ability to analyze, study, master and apply new technologies we are ready to work on any project from scratch.

Data Bases

Transform your data into a trusted, quality resource for business insights – and use it to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe, secure and reliable. Our highly skilled team helps you develop strategies that turn your data assets into a true competitive advantage. Plan strategies and campaigns further in advance with more confidence and precision.

Programming Languages

In a very competitive technology-driven digital age there are various language choices open. Java, PHP, C, C++… choosing the right programming language is an important decision. Whether you’re a startup or a medium to large enterprise we select experts from our pool of engineers to form teams with skills suitable for your particular project.


Dressler Consulting specializes in strategic business software development using all the benefits of .Net, .Net Core, Magento frameworks, involving extensive business logic, third-party components, MS SQL Server and BI tools, and appropriate hosting solution. Our team of developers provides all the technological, coding and testing skills to create innovative software products.


A cloud computing technology enables the delivery of cloud computing services such as SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service). We use the most creative approaches for solving any cloud related issues. Our cutting-edge cloud solutions perfectly tailored to fit your business needs.

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